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"CFO Issues in a Closely Held Business"

This article appeared in the New Jersey CPA Magazine and identifies some critical areas where the CFO can add significant value to a privately held business.
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“Managing Receivables & Payables for Improved Cash Flow”

This article appeared in the New York Enterprise Report and provides some tips for improving cash flow through effective A/R and A/P management.
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“Outsourced CFOs: It’s Time. It Works. Here’s How”

This article appeared in New Jersey Tech News and provides a good overview of how a Company Owner/CEO can effectively use outsourced Financial Management on a value-added basis that saves time and costs.
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“The Private Company Response to Accounting Reform“

This article, which appeared in the New Jersey CPA Magazine, discusses Sarbanes-Oxley's impact on Private Companies and the growing need for Private Company GAAP.
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“Outsourcing to Achieve a Competitive Advantage”

This article, which appeared in the New Jersey CPA Magazine, discusses how the Outsourcing of Non-Core functions can add value to the bottom-line and improve a companies competitive position.
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"CFO Solutions Brochure”

Overview of CFO Solutions and its service offerings.

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