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What We Have Done: Private Placements

Below are examples of some of our CFO assignments:
Pharma Drug Discovery Developer
  • Assisted in private M&A auction of drug discovery business valued @ $250+ Million.
  • Sounding board & coach for CEO & COO on process and vetting of bids.
  • Reviewed bids in a process which involved 20+ interested parties and 8 initial bids.

Internet-based Health Insurance Claims Processor
  • Assisted in raising $8 Million in Series A financing round.
  • Developed financial section for business plan.
  • Assisted in development of business plan.
  • Sounding board & coach to owner/CEO for presentations to investors.

Bio/Pharma Drug Development Company
  • Assisted in raising $2.5 Million in Series C financing round.
  • Developed strategy plan.
  • Developed financial plan.
  • Provided scenario modeling.

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