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What We Have Done: Family Businesses

Below are examples of some of our CFO assignments:
International Manufacturer & Distributor
  • Assisted in asset purchase of two companies with sales of $25 Million.
  • Obtained $6.5 Million bank line.
  • Established headquarters, legal entities, and related books and records.
  • Set-up, hired & trained controller and finance/accounting function.
  • Successfully turned this business around from bankruptcy.

Manufacturer Distributor
  • Replaced existing COO/CFO in re-structuring $25 Million business.
  • Implemented $1.0+ Million cost savings/profit improvement plan.
  • Trained/coached financial manager into full charge controllership duties.
  • Obtained $7.0 Million bank line.
  • Developed product line extension strategy, grew to $40+ Million business.

Multi-Location Manufacturer & Distributor
  • Developed strategy for profitability improvement of this $15 Million business.
  • Obtained $4.5 Million bank line.
  • Replaced/hired/trained controller.
  • Developed facility restructuring plan to reduce costs and headcount.

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